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★ I love the “Free” from backpacking, I could have more choices on attractions and it can surprise me more
★ I love the “Easy” from group touring, travel experts take care of everything and I’m ready to go
★ I love Heyshoo more! Because it fulfils all my wishes on traveling! Let’s go, Heyshoo~

Travel Information

- Destinations | Sceneries | Hidden Spots

Itinerary Tool

- Become an expert in planning the perfect trip

Social Network

- Organize a group tour, Form new connections

Travel Information

+ Triple Combination: use [Single Spot Info]、[Itinerary Guide] and [Local Travel Kit] make your own special trip
+ Powerful Filter: apply advanced filter to recommend ideal places for you
+ One stop Information: from basic and special information, to guide and exclusive benefits, are all in Heyshoo!
+ Traveler guide: beginner travelers can schedule a colorful trip instantly by referring to experts’ shared itinerary

Itinerary Tool

+ Instinctive handling: easy dragging, no difficulty even for the first-time user
+ One-click optimization: one button activates the smart trip itinerary, provide the most efficient suggestion.
+ Intelligent Hint: Let Heyshoo takes care of your itinerary, to make it more reasonable and provide local discounts and more related recommendation
+ Share mode: share great itineraries with great travelers, post on your profile page、travel trips chat room or travel body groups room, to give hints to other travelers.

Social network

+ Travel trips chat room: meet people with similar interests and travel with them in your family trip、friends trip or adventure trip
+ Travel body groups room: make friends with people who in the same city、have same interest、from the same country or all over the world
+ Member experience: from online to the real world, make your own experience and record it as a precious memory
+ Expert service: advanced players travel with you and give you an unforgettable trip, provide guiding、grouping、photo shooting and more brilliant services

More and better, coming soon

+ Member benefit: with Heyshoo Membership Card, enjoy benefits from corporates stores. Keep following with us for more coming benefits..

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